Replacement double glazed units in Norfolk

Even with the most reliable set of double-glazed windows, sealed units can become beyond repair. Fortunately, we can supply single or multiple units that can replace the faulty sealed units and eradicate the double-glazed units from misting.

When do double glazed units need replacing?

It’s not easy to tell if double glazing needs replacement. You can look for some signs that will help you identify any potential issues.

Sealed Unit Water Leaks

If there is water leaking in through the window frame, either the weather seal has failed, or the drainage hole is blocked.

Double Glazing Misting

Misting, or condensation between the windowpanes, is a sure sign of the unit failing. Double and triple glazed sealed units work because there is a vacuum seal between the pains. If this seal is compromised, it means that the vacuum/gas has been lost, and the normal atmosphere is let in. This will greatly reduce the heat retention benefits.

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